Have a Stress Free Job Hunt in 10 Steps – #10: Don’t Try to be Perfect

Written by Russ Boreham: Russ heads up all Resourcing campaigns for TME, Retail & eCommerce campaigns.

Have a Stress Free Job Hunt in 10 Steps

10.     Don’t Try to be Perfect

Cause of stress: A new job is coming your way, if you can just seal the deal.

Surpass that stress: Don’t try to be perfect.

One of the most stressful parts of job hunting is not knowing your if your answers to interview questions are exactly what the interviewer is looking for or if you are wide of the mark.

Most job-hunters will partner with agencies that specialise in their given field and will be able to open doors that otherwise they may not have known even existed. However this is only one part of what a skilful recruiter does. They also take on a lot of your stress and become your personal coach to ensure you are going to nail that interview.

By running through interview questions (see step 2) regularly you will be able to undertake conversation in a relaxed state of mind without over-thinking the situation. It’s not about being aggressive; it’s about trusting your instincts and your experience to date.

Stress-free job hunting...

Stress-free job hunting...

It may well be that the organisation isn’t the perfect fit for you or vice versa however by taking the heat off you can concentrate on getting the variables within your control right.

Just remember that the purpose of interview questions is mainly to test your response. The answers are not really so important that they become the be all and end all. Hence just focus on the way in which you’re solving the problem. Don’t keep looking for the “right” answer.

Investment: By this point if you have followed all the steps you will have invested significantly in your future.

Reward: Your dream job without the high-blood pressure normally associated with job-hunting.


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